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What Will I Learn?

By the end of your course, you will fully understand:

✔ Contraindications in Microblading

✔ Theoretical Microblading Fundamentals

✔ Practical Microblading Fundamentals

✔ Needle Pressure and Depth

✔ Eyebrow Symmetry (Brow Mapping)

✔ Microblading Healing Stages

✔ The Fitzpatrick Scale

✔ Skin Theory

✔ Skin Anatomy

✔ Facial Structures

✔ Color Theory

✔ Skin-stretching Technique

✔ Bloodborne Pathogens

✔ Sterilization by OSHA Standards

✔ Sanitation by OSHA Standards

✔ Client Consultation Procedure

(Downloadable Consultation Form)

✔ Client Consent Procedure

(Downloadable Consent Form)

✔ Mandatory Aftercare Procedure

(Downloadable Aftercare Instructions)

✔ Licensing and Regulations

✔ Workstation Set-Up by OSHA Standards

✔ Marketing Strategies

✔ Microblading Artist Attire

✔ Microblading Artist Etiquette

✔ 7 Tips to Secure Your Clientele

✔ & Much More

MyBrow's Microblading Certificate of Completion

Lifetime Certification

After successful completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion. Students can download their own Certificate via their student dashboard. Detailed instructions are provided. After you graduate, we are still here for you if you ever have any questions.
Online microblading training certificate of completion. Microblading training courses in texas, florida, georgia, and new york.

PAUSE! Did You Research Your State/County's Microblading Requirements? Read Below

Mandatory Steps: Check Your State's Requirements and Obtain Your Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate

Bloodborne Pathogens Are Required Select One Option

OSHA Course: https://www.oshaeducationcenter.com/compliance-training/bloodborne-pathogens-certificate/

American Red Cross Course:


Microblading Licensing Requirements by State/Local County

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first step in becoming a Microblader is getting certified. A license cannot be obtained from a Microblading school. Licensure must be issued by your local or state health department official. Laws are subject to change. Contact these departments directly for their requirements. 

Under the Public Health Act, there are no license requirements to microblade in Canada. But you must be a fully trained and certified Microblader. The Microblading establishments in Canada are approved and governed by the Environmental Health Department. 

State Requirements
Body Art Operator Permit
No Requirements
Body Art Practitioner License
Body Art License
Florida Tattoo Artist License
Body Art License
Tattoo License
Illinois Body Art Permit
Body Art License
Iowa Tattoo Artist License
Kentucky Tattoo Artist License
Body Art License
Body Art License
Body Art License
Montana Tattoo Artist License
New York Tattoo Artist License
North Carolina Tattoo Artist License
Body Art License
Tennessee Tattoo Artist License
Texas Tattoo Artist License
Wisconsin Tattoo Artist License
No Requirements Except In Laramie County

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What Else Do I Need To Know About Your Microblading Courses?

  • A 30-day courtesy extension can be granted on a one-time basis. The duration of the extension will give most students adequate time to successfully complete the course.

  • Students are never alone in this process. We are a phone call or email away with 24/7 Instructor support and feedback.