Our Story

Our Founder, Miriam, had a vision in 2018 to create a “Powerhouse Training” for women to excel as successful entrepreneurs. MyBrow Academy started off as a farfetched dream in our founder’s small bedroom in Atlanta, then it became a written plan, which then bloomed into a rose that grew from the concrete. After long tiresome nights, the full execution of MyBrow Academy was born.

Miriam has always had the inclination to help women break free from the same hardships she experienced as a single parent living paycheck to paycheck. Lack, frustration, and pain fostered what you see today as MyBrow Academy LLC, a globally renowned Microblading training academy that has helped women around the world use the pain of their struggle as purpose and motivation to become financially free to provide for their families and themselves, all while embarking on entrepreneurship.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she vowed to have reasonable prices, while her competitors were charging thousands of dollars for Microblading trainings. Her mission was to help single mothers on a budget, divorcees, and women who decided to leave Corporate America for a better investment, THEMSELVES! The most beautiful things are born out of pain.

By no means was it an overnight success, many times very taxing, but with tenacity and perseverance she was able to conquer the many adversities she faced as a woman entrepreneur with no formal education or support system. Despite the many reasons why she could have given up, she refused to let her struggle be in vain. In retrospect, it was worth it, nothing compares to students sending emails stating that “Our training changed their lives.” There is no better
feeling than to know you made a difference.

With the help of our Student Coordinator, a psychology graduate, her and Miriam partnered together to develop a remarkable training that is robust, informative, and engaging. So, our students don’t just learn the information but retain it. MyBrow Academy’s goal is not only to equip women with the knowledge of becoming Microbladers but to help develop and enhance their entrepreneurial skills. We have created a safe space for women to increase their professional capacity in the Microblading Industry and develop a support system. Our handpicked team of women stand firmly on the principle of WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN while escaping the rat-race of Corporate America, and changing the negative stigma of women in the professional world. At MyBrow Academy, we are all the same, transparent, knowledgeable, inclusive, fearless, supportive, and we strive on pioneering an environment that energizes the entrepreneurial, independent spirit that resides in every woman.

As you embark on this wonderful journey, it will stretch you, challenge
you and you might ask yourself, is it really worth it? Then tell yourself, YES IT IS, AND I CAN DO THIS! Then do it!

Philippians 4:13