I Have My Microblading Certificate, Now What Are The Steps To Become Licensed In Microblading?

Next Steps To Becoming Licensed!

Step One: Contractor or Self-Employed?

Now, that you are certified it is time you decide whether you want to become a Contractor or Self-Employed. If you decide to become a Contractor, which means working in someone else's salon, there may be specific requirements they want you to have in addition to the requirements mandated by the state or your local Health Department. On the other side, if you decide to become Self-Employed, you will either need to secure your own suite in a Salon Suite or you may decide to open up your own salon. You can also secure a booth and pay weekly/monthly booth rent.

Step Two: Location, Location, Location!

After you have decided whether or not you are going to become a Contractor or Self-Employed, it is now time to start looking into locations. Location is everything! It can make or break your business/clientele. It is imperative you research the demographics in your area or the area you plan to serve. You want to select a location that is convenient and has high traffic. Additionally, you want to look at the household median salary for the area as well and make sure it is a relatively high-median being that Microblading is an expensive procedure. Remember, location is EVERYTHING!

Step Three: Rules and Regulations

You are making progress! You've decided whether you are going to be a Contractor or Self-Employed, and you've selected the perfect location. Now, it's time to abide by the rules and regulations. You must contact your local Health Department to complete the necessary paperwork and process of applying for your license. We always advise you do this prior to enrolling in a course to make yourself aware of what you will need and to ensure you have selected the appropriate course for your state/county. As you know, every state/county will differ in regards to requirements, rules, and regulations. This could vary from having to apply for a Body Art License to your sink and restroom being a certain amount of feet away from the potential clients. This is the most important step.

Step Four: Protect Yourself and Your Clients

While we hope this never happens with or to any of our students, we know mistakes happen this is why it is crucial you are insured. Insurance not only protect yourself and your business, but it also protects your clients. Research different insurance agencies that offer Professional and General Liability Insurance for Microblading, as both are typically required. Whatever you do, please do not disregard this step. 

Step Five: CPR and Sterilization Certificate (Optional)

It may not be required but it is necessary in case of emergencies. We advise all students to receive their CPR certificate as well as their Sterilization certificate. These courses are typically offered online and are short in length. It is extremely beneficial to have these certificates on hand for precautionary measures. As a Microblading Artist, your top priority is to provide a safe and quality service.