Featured Student Testimonials

Change Your Life Just Like Our Students Did!

"I really enjoyed this class. The flexibility was a must for me as I am also in college full time. The staff was always friendly and responded quickly anytime I had a question or concern. I am one step closer to my goal of having my own beauty bar with several services offered! Thank you!"


Nicole G. Graduated 08/14/22

"Licensed Tattoo Artist here! Add Certified Microblader to that. Thank you Mrs. M for all your help! I really appreciate it."


Marcus C. Graduated 08/07/22

"My best friend paid about $2,000 to become a certified Microblader online. I did not have that kind of money after recently losing my job, but I wanted a different career and a good online microblading course. MyBrow fit into my budget and I learned so much. I think once I even emailed them at 1 AM with a question and an instructor responded. WOW! I saved so much money. Now I'm working on getting my Salon Suite and all of my supplies😊."


Abegail Lynn B. Graduated 08/05/22

"It was awesome, the courses were very educational and especially you all, the staff. You all were very attentive and responded so quickly..." 


Kim P. Graduated 02/16/22

"It was really difficult doing the strokes on the head but I tried figuring it out. I loved the course by the way, it was concise and clear all the time..." 


Luisa C. Graduated 02/02/22

"Its a perfect teaching course! All you have to do is work hard, ask questions, and believe in yourself" 


Samantha S. Graduated 01/25/22

"Thank you so much!! I enjoyed taking this course and appreciate how helpful you are!" 


Emily G. Graduated 01/06/22

"The course was very thorough. I felt as though I had access to everything I needed to know start out my micorblading journey..." 


Amanda R. Graduated 09/23/21

"I went from making $1,300 bi-weekly at a rental car company to becoming a Certified Microblader. As a New Microblader, I started out making over $1,500 a week. This was a year ago. THANK YOU MYBROW!" 


Linda K. Graduated 06/22/21

"I just wanted to say that this program completely changed my life! The Instructor made it so comforting and easy to comprehend the course! 


Sarah P. Graduated 06/07/21

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once I purchase the microblading course, when can I start?

    After purchasing the course, you will have immediate 24/7 access. You will have up to 6 months to complete the course and you can work on it at your leisure.

  • How much money can I start out making as a Microblader?

    New Microbladers make revenue from $70,000 and up. At least $450 per client for Microblading add $100 for Manual Tinting. After the client heals, $200 for Brow Lamination. Practicing your skill daily, becoming a great Microblading Artist can produce great wealth of 6 figures annually.

  • Does MyBrow Academy provide students with a body art license?

    No, we do not provide a license. We provide a Microblading Certification of Completion that shows that you have successfully completed the training course and understand the skill of Microblading. From there depending on your State/County you may or may not need a license.

  • Do I need a live model?

    Due to COVID-19 and depending on the regulations of your state, you have the option to complete your Final Assignment on a mannequin head or on a friend or relative free of charge.

  • Is MyBrow Academy a legitimate business?

    MyBrow Academy is a registered LLC. We have certified thousands of students around the United States and Internationally.

  • Where can I locate my state's requirements?

    You can contact your local Health Department to find your state's requirements or you can visit this link: www.themicrobladingbible.com

  • Do I need experience or an Esthetician or Cosmetology License?

    No, you do not need any experience to become a Microblading Artist. Only a high school diploma/GED and be 18 years of age. Most importantly, you need to adhere to your state's requirements and regulations for licensing.

  • How long will it take for me to complete my course?

    All students have 6 months of access. The theoretical side of the course may take you only a few days. But the practical side may take you much longer. Our courses are self-paced, so take your time. We also provide a one-time courtesy extension if more time is needed.

  • After completing the course, will I feel comfortable enough to begin microblading actual clients?

    GREAT QUESTION! Unlike the rushed 1, 2, and 3-day Microblade Trainings, MyBrow Academy's main focus is PRACTICE! We do not rush students through the course. Some of our students obtain the technique in a month other students in 6 months. But upon graduating you will know how to microblade correctly. And we encourage all students after graduating to diligently practice daily on mannequin heads to perfect their microblading skills. Practice makes perfect satisfied clients.