What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that involves the use of a handheld manual tool. The handheld manual tool consists of little fine needles on the end, that we refer to as the microblade. The microblade creates hair like strokes by deposting pigment into the epidermis layer of the skin to create the look of full eyebrows, where hair may be missing or is sparse. Microblading lasts up to 2 years with proper maintenance.

What is Manual Shading?

Manual Shading is the technique of adding color behind the microbladed hair strokes. This technique simply consists of adding microblading pigment to freshly microbladed eyebrows to create a more natural and fuller look. This technique is typically done right after a Microblading session. Manual shading lasts from to 4 to 6 weeks (Residual Income).

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination, often referred to as an "Eyebrow Perm", consists of taming unruly eyebrow hairs to provide a smooth, sleek, and full look. Brow Lamination is typically performed on clients who naturally have full to thick eyebrows and desire a polished look. It is safe to get your eyebrows laminated every 6 to 8 weeks (Residual Income).